Techtonic Non-Retracting Blinds

Non-retractable blinds are the ideal solution for any commercial high-level atrium roof windows, sloping roof-light, lantern windows, skylights or almost any glazed area. Instead of retracting, the interlocking aluminium louvres can be tilted to control the amount of light and heat entering via the window.

Although originally designed for robust sun screening in museums and art galleries, the flexible system is increasingly being used within a range of commercial situations. The extremely versatile Techtonic 88E system has been developed to provide almost total blackout for any glazed area. When closed it provides a very clean flat surface that does not look out of place when used as a false studio ceiling, yet at the touch of a button the room can be flooded with daylight.

We have a wealth of experience installing Techtonic and Sunshield non-retractable blinds, and can adapt this very versatile shading system to fit virtually any shape of glazing.  Non-retractable blinds are particularly suited to any high-level windows and roof applications, both internal and external, and where control access is difficult.

System Specification

This shading system consists of an aluminium sub frame which is assembled above or beneath the glazing area (external or internal mounting).

Once this sub-frame is in place, aluminium louvres are clipped in to position, available in 50mm to 90mm widths. When used externally, all aluminium components and sections are anodised or powder coated.

When installed, the fully adjustable louvres reduce solar heat gain, control glare, allow outward vision and ensure best use of natural lighting conditions.

System Controls

Saxon Blinds provide a range of control options for non-retractable blinds from manual through to electric and remote, with timers and sun sensors also available.

Speak to one of our experienced installers today, to find out whether non-retractable blinds are the right shading solution for your application.

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