Very Large Window Blinds

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of made to measure blinds to suite Extra Large areas of glass that need to be dressed and can provide solutions for most requirements.  The systems that we use permit us to manufacture and install single units that are often in excess of 5 metres wide.  The size and shape of the window recess very often determines the most suitable blind for the purpose as does the degree of light control required.

Large rectangular windows can often be dressed by the installation of either roller blinds or vertical blinds.  Venetian style blinds are frequently limited by their weight so do not normally suit very large window installations.  The exception to this is the use of non-retractable Venetian blinds which can be fitted at any angle and almost any shape of window and also to extra-large areas of glass.  Very large blinds are often best electrically operated or raised and lowered by use of a crank and gearbox due to the weight and lengths of fabrics involved.

Roller Blinds provisionally provide the maximum amount of light control as they are made from one piece of fabric therefore limiting the amount of light bleed through and around the blind.  The choice of fabrics available is also very wide, ranging from screen fabrics, perforated so that some light can pass through to complete blackout.  Multiple roller blinds can also be linked together so that one chain or motor drives all the blinds together.  We always use high quality aluminium roller tubes and superior quality running gear in all of our installations to ensure the maximum reliability.

Vertical Blinds provide an effective solution in many cases due to their ability to be angled to provide effective maximum privacy and variable light control.  They are also more suitable for shaped windows, whether sloping (at the top or bottom), bowed which makes them ideal for installing behind curved glazing or arched window recesses.

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