Heavy Duty Vertical Blinds

Our commercial quality; heavy duty vertical blinds are designed to be practical and hardwearing. Commercial grade Vertical blinds can be used for all sizes of windows but are ideal for large areas of glazing as we manufacture individual blinds in excess of 5 metres wide. They are durable, easy to maintain, smooth to operate due to their wheeled carriages and we provide a choice of controls. These heavy duty vertical blinds are available in a wide range of flame retardant fabrics, which enable you to create the right environment by controlling the sunlight and solar heat entering the room.

Sloping Ceilings, Shaped/Arched/Curved Windows

Our range of commercial Shaped Vertical Blinds can resolve the problems posed by buildings with sloping, arched or bow windows that can otherwise prove to be difficult to shade, the only practical blind system that can accommodate curved and sloping windows is the vertical louver blind. The extruded aluminium track used on our vertical system can be factory shaped to match the profile of complex, arched shaped reveals and bay windows. This makes the system an ideal solution for use on shaped windows where the ceiling slopes or the elegant architecture is curved, in addition these blinds can be motorised, electrically or manually operated. In short these blinds offer the best way to elegantly shade Arched, Curved or Sloping windows.

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