Heavy Duty Roller Blinds

Our Heavy-Duty Roller Blinds are designed to be reliable, easy to use, practical and hardwearing. They can be manually operated, motorised and automated for effortless operation. Today’s much favoured commercial window covering offers fabrics that allows you to choose the percentage of light you would like to allow through to create the right environment for your office, business or home application. When closed, Heavy Duty Roller Blinds also provide significant privacy, security and with digitally printed artwork provide a further opportunity to display your company logo’s or corporate advertising. Our Heavy Duty Roller Blinds feature high quality aluminium tubing and premium grade components. When these are combined with the appropriate choice of operating system they provide you a robust product to best fulfil your requirement and budget.

  • All our staff are DBS Registered
  • No Contractors Used
  • Skills Card Trained (CSCS)
  • PLASMO & IPAF Accreditation
  • All Blinds Manufactured In House
  • 5 Year Warranty

Roller Blind Exposé

Roller blinds are probably the simplest form of window shading (after curtains and drapes) but there are many aspects to their construction and installation which are easily overlooked.  The fabric itself should be fire retardant, colour fast and generally suitable for the area it is to be installed.  There are many types of fabric available in a variety of materials such as PVC, polyester and fiberglass, the fabric can also be wound two ways on the roller, standard is for the fabric to hang closer to the glass but sometimes it is more convenient for it to be wound over hand to provide additional clearance for window furniture etc.  The total weight of the fabric helps to determine the roller tube to used, this tube needs to be strong enough to support the fabric without sagging, excessive deflection can cause unsightly ripples in the fabric . . . . . . . . .


Commercial Roller Blinds

Based on 40 mm and 45 mm aluminium tubing and quality components, these highly practical manually operated blinds offer an economic solution to sunlight control.  The superior construction of these Blinds ensure they are very durable and will suite the majority of Office and Classroom Installations


Heavy Duty Roller Blinds

Where a blind width greater than 3 metres is required, or the weight of the fabric requires stronger components we would recommend the use of either 61 mm or 70 mm roller tube.  These larger tube sizes also provide the space to install electric motors for automated shading solutions.


Extra Wide Roller Blinds

For single Roller Blinds up to 6 metres wide and with drops of up to 8 metres, our Electric 130 mm blinds are the perfect solution.  These blinds can be wall or ceiling mounted on their heavyweight steel brackets with aesthetic covers made of impact-resistant thermoplastic.  The blinds can be stopped in any position using adjustable limit stops and it is also possible to configure with 6 mm stainless steel side guide cables.


Gear Operated Roller Blinds

For Roller Blinds that have a large area of heavy fabric or are in positions inaccessible to operate as a sidewinder blind, without going to the cost of an Electric Blind a Gear Operated drive is a possible alternative.  These German manufactured 4:1 reduction gearboxes make light work of larger blinds.  With a detachable operating handle, they can also limit operation to those authorised to do so.  Gear Operated Roller Blinds also provide an idealy solution for high level windows.


Roller Blind with Fascia

With brackets manufactured from heavy gauge stove enamelled steel and fascia from aluminium, these units serve to house the roller shade and operating system. The use of cassette or facia systems can allow window blinds to integrate more easily into particular glazing installations or to effect the desired aesthetic impact..


Cassette Blinds – Total Blackout

Saxon Blinds offer a range of Cassette Blinds designed specifically to achieve light exclusion. From 100% total blackout blinds to room darkening shades our systems are the perfect solution for photographic laboratories, conference facilities and audio visual training rooms.

The characteristics of this commercial cassette blackout system with side and bottom channels render it ideal for use in hospitals, colleges, laboratories, photographic studios, museums and all other industrial type situation


Electric Roller Blinds

Owing to the location of the blind, its size or simply through preference, roller blinds can be motorised. These tubular electric motors that fit within the roller tube have been developed specifically for the Roller Blind and shading industry. There are two main ways to control electric roller blinds, via a hardwired switch or by a radio transmitter (RTS) to a receiver built within the blind motor. This type of motor can be either powered by an external supply (i.e. mains via a fused spur) or by an enclosed rechargeable battery pack.